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What is a Bathroom Makeover?

Not everyone needs a complete renovation - a bathroom makeover can be all you need to get an amazing looking space. When you already love the layout, choose to do a facelift instead and transform your space.  Add paint, resurface tiles, and choose new fixtures and hardware. You might add flattering light, upgrade your toilet suite, or design storage space that better suits your lifestyle. These can all add up to a modest bathroom makeover. If you’re looking to beautify your bathroom, there are a variety of ideas to consider. We can help.

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Resurface Tiles & Grout

By resurfacing your tiles and cleaning that dingy grout, you’ll erase years of use and build-up. This simple task can truly lighten the entire space.

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New Tapware and Accessories

Details can make all the difference. By switching out tapware, hardware, and other accessories, your bathroom space will feel completely new.

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New Vanity & Mirror

A vanity is the central focus of any bathroom. Choose a new vanity and flattering mirror that reflects your personal style to change the entire room.

Bathroom Makeover vs Renovation

A bathroom renovation can convert a space. We’ll take it down to the studs, change the layout, and bring in all new products as we rebuild your space to match you vision. A bathroom makeover can transform a space.  It's a great way to refresh and revitalize your bathroom to make it look completely new without the cost of a complete overhaul.

Consider updating your tapware to give your bathroom a more modern look. Choose a vanity that better suits your style and finally get a mirror that's flattering. Plus, we can recoat and resurface tiles to make your bathroom feel like it's been renovated with clean, fresh floors and shower. A makeover is a great choice, and something we would be proud to help you plan and implement.

Bathroom Makeover

New tapware
New vanities and mirrors
Recoat and resurface tiles, grout, shower and bath to look brand new
Toilets can be replaced
Fast - no plumbing or retiling
No change to overall bathroom configuration
Typically costs $7,000+

Bathroom Renovation

New tapware, including conversion to tap mixers
New vanities and mirrors, which can be relocated
New modern tiles, bath and shower can be replaced to completely modernise the bathroom
Toilets can be replaced and relocated
Construction can take 2-3 weeks including plumbing and tiling
Bathroom configuration can be changed to suit you
Typically costs $15,000+

Why Choose DCON Group for Your Bathroom Makeover

Attention to detail

Every detail of your bathroom matters. Whether we’re diving in to a complete renovation, or tackling key tasks for a beautiful luxury bathroom, we’ll ensure the entire room reflects your vision for your ideal space.

Trusted Service

We are a family-owned business with over ten years of experience - fully licensed, insured, and a seven year guarantee reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality products

We love turning your vision into a reality. Whether you’re shopping for a unique design, looking for an imported sink or bath, or seeking other unique details like the perfect tiles, we can help guide you to
the best options.

Why You Need an Expert for your Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom makeovers can be challenging. It’s more than simply choosing a few drawer pulls and a new towel rack. You want help when choosing your products like tapware, new toilet, and the perfect vanity. We can guide you to the highest quality and long-lasting pieces that will show off your style while remaining within budget. Plus, we'll install everything correctly the first time so that the process is simple, easy, and fast.

If you choose our services to give your bathroom a makeover, we have the experience to paint or resurface tiles without making the disastrous, gooey mess many do-it-yourself weekend warriors end up having to face.

It takes the insightful eye of an experienced professional, with over ten years of experience to guide you to the best products and materials as well as do the work the right way, the first time. Plus, we respect your budget and timeline. We can make sure your bathroom makeover is completed in days, not weeks.

10 years of building experience to help you get the perfect bathroom for your home

Bathroom Makeover Process

The first step is to listen. We’ll make sure we understand your vision. Then we’ll create a plan that will reflect your ideal space, helping you choose products and materials that suit your budget. We’ll implement the plan with minimal disruption to you, and once it's complete, we’ll invite you in for a final inspection. Your satisfaction with the process and the final product is our goal.

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Design Consultation

Your vision is the beginning and
the end. We’ll carefully listen to
your needs and ideas. Then our bathroom designers Sydney will plan how to create your ideal bathroom.

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Makeovers don’t have to be a
painful process. We’ll respect your timeline and always do our best to minimize interruption to your
space and your life.

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Final Inspection

We pride ourselves on a job well done and an impeccable customer satisfaction rating. Once complete, we’ll invite you to inspect your beautiful new bathroom.

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Areas We Service

As a family-owned business, we are proud to serve the area we’ve lived in for decades. When we renovate and makeover bathrooms in Sydney, we’re contributing to and serving our community. Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Every home should be a living space that is comfortable and contributes to your wellbeing. We’re glad to be a part of the process that brings your vision to reality.

Why Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

Every home should be a living space that feels safe and comfortable. This includes your bathroom. When a bathroom doesn’t fit your personal style, isn’t as functional as it needs to be, or feels old and dingy, it can weigh on you.

A bathroom makeover can help you spruce up your bathroom, leaving you with a bright, clean, relaxing space. A bathroom renovation, on the other hand, can transform the room to suit your everyday needs based on your personal style and your lifestyle.

A renovation can change the entire layout of the room, which can lead to a more efficient morning and evening routine for the entire family.

A bathroom makeover can not only brighten the room but can make sure every inch speaks to your personal style, making it more comfortable and a point of pride in your home.

A renovation can allow you to build important features into your room, such as more storage with strategically placed shelves or cupboards. We can add counter space, designed for users to make the most of their routines. And we can adjust the door and windows to ensure optimal use of light.

There’s so much a renovation can do for your space. Get a free consultation and quote to discover what your options are.

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