What sort of bathroom renovation can you get for under $5,000 in Sydney?

bathroom renovations under $5000

Giving your timeworn bathroom a fresh makeover can make your entire home feel vibrant and exciting. But with an ultra-low budget for your bathroom renovation, it’s important you don’t fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations that spiral your costs out of control. So, what do you get for bathroom renovations under $5,000 in Sydney? Let’s find out!

Cheap Bathroom Renovations – Set Your Expectations Right

On a cheap bathroom renovation budget, it’s important to know what you can and cannot get. You should also be prepared to do most of the work yourself, except work which requires a licence. I only ever recommend this option to people with renovation experience because one gaffe could cost you dearly.

I recently helped a Sydney family who did their own plumbing to save cash. But, they ended up damaging the bathroom’s internal pipes, which cost over $15,000 to fix and was not covered by insurance. In a zealous effort to save costs, homeowners end up making some big DIY plumbing blunders and spend thousands of dollars more than the original professional quote.

bathroom renovations under $5000

What you can get for a bathroom renovation under $5000

For bathroom renovations under $5,000, you could get a partial bathroom makeover. Note that much of the work you will have to do yourself (except the work which requires a licence). This is more a bathroom facelift than a renovation. Here is what you may be able to achieve for a bathroom renovation under $5000:

  • Change the taps and showerheads (will require a licenced plumber)
  • Paint the wall tiles
  • Resurface the bathtub
  • Paint or stain cabinets
  • Paint the walls
  • Update the light fittings (will require a licenced electrician)
  • Budget mirror replacement

Note that you must always check your local and state laws and regulations for what work requires a licence, and not perform any work in your own home which you are not licensed to do.

What you cannot get for a renovation under $5000

On a limited budget, there are some bathroom renovation tasks you will probably not be able to achieve, either because the materials are too expensive, or because they require a licenced professional who will most likely not be able to meet this budget:

  • Changes in the plumbing locations of showers, vanities and toilets – keep in mind that DIY plumbing is against the law.  
  • Changes to PC items like toilets and vanities
  • Re-tiling or changing shower screens
  • Changes or replacements to your bathtub
  • Waterproofing and installations like windows and skylights

Should you DIY your Sydney bathroom renovation?

Bathroom renovation professionals are seen as expensive, which prompts some people to roll up their sleeves and do their own plumbing work. An appealing alternative to keep your costs low, a DIY bathroom renovation is not without risk.

Many homeowners think it’s easy to follow a DIY YouTube video. But they often fail to consider the technical needs of hidden pipes in floors and walls, even resurfacing tiles can result in a sticky ugly mess if you’ve never done it before. As an amateur trying to do a complicated job, there’s every chance something could go wrong. The smallest muck up could spring a big leak. According to Sydney Water, a single leaking tap wastes up to 2,000 litres a month. If your mistake results in a major pipe leak, the ramifications could be catastrophic – affecting your building structure, spiking your water bills and so much more. Builders, like myself, have seen this happen far too many times.  

bathroom renovations under $5000

A small, basic bathroom makeover in Sydney is usually completed by professionals in a week or two after all the materials have been sourced. However, in my experience over the last 10 years, DIY reno projects usually take more than a month because of unforeseen issues cropping up – leading to substandard work and mediocre finishes.

Do you need a bathroom renovation professional?

A licensed, insured Sydney bathroom renovation company has the training and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently – ensuring it complies with strict local, state and national regulations. More importantly, it gives you a cushion in case something goes wrong because you’re covered under their insurance.

On the contrary, you have no fallback option with a DIY job (especially if it’s a job only for a professional), forcing you to shell out thousands to fix it if something goes wrong. Building insurance may not cover accidental damage to a property in the case of unlicensed work, especially plumbing.

Some renovation tasks are best left to a professional – even if you choose to DIY other bits. It’s always worth spending the extra cash on a builder who knows exactly what they are doing to save on the disasters that may occur as a result of limited knowledge.

How to set a budget for your bathroom renovation?

This depends on your personal circumstances and renovation needs. Is your bathroom small or large? How old are your bathroom fittings? Are there major structural issues or will cosmetic changes be enough? These are questions only you can answer. What someone else spends on a bathroom makeover may not be what you need.

It is hard to get professional bathroom renovations for under $5,000. Being realistic about the typical cost of a bathroom renovation in Sydney will help you make an informed decision. With a slightly bigger budget to play with, you have far more flexibility to get better quality finishes and fixtures through a licensed professional – giving you the bathroom of your dreams without compromise.  

At the end of the day, the best way to plan and budget for your bathroom renovation is by getting in touch with a bathroom renovations professional like DCON Group. We offer a free in-home consultation so you can evaluate your own needs and plan your budget accordingly.