5 Best Appliances To Have In Your New Bathroom

best bathroom appliances

If you’ve recently completed bathroom renovations or are planning to, then appliances can sometimes be overlooked. However, there are plenty of excellent appliances you can add to your bathroom that make your life easier. Below are five of our favourites.

Best Appliances for a Newly Renovated Bathroom

1. Soap and Shower Dispenser

Starting the list is the Soap and Shower Liquid Dispenser. One of the most popular appliances to have in your bathroom.

A soap dispenser makes taking a shower faster and reduces plastic waste. Instead of having a pile of bottles that could be slippery with wet hands and look terrible all over the floor, you only need to press a button and nothing else.

The dispenser has many designs that fit in any bathroom style. Moreover, it often has three containers that are suitable for storing soap, shampoo, and conditioner. When taking a shower, press a button with a finger and catch the liquid with your other hand.

2. Electric Wireless Spin Scrubber

Soap scum build up makes cleaning your bathroom a painful process. However, with a wireless electric scrubber, cleaning those difficult places is a breeze.

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If you’re always having trouble cleaning your bathroom corners, glasses, and tiny spaces, then this one might solve your problems. Using a rechargeable battery, you can carry it around without wires and run for a significant amount of time.

Ben from Quality Appliance Repair says “electric spin scrubbers are a great bathroom appliance many people do not know about. A very reliable appliance, you will cut your bathroom cleaning in half” View this article from Ben for more tips on cleaning your bathroom and laundry appliances.

Aside from portability, it also has an excellent rounded design that can adjust in size depending on how spacious or tight a surface or space is. Above all, it’s easy to install, and the handles are ergonomic, so you won’t have strains when using.

3. Exhaust Fan with LED and Night Light for Bathrooms

An exhaust fan is essential to a bathroom. By owning one, odour and moisture can get out of the room, making it more hygienic and comfortable to use.That’s not all they can do though.

Besides newer models with modern and intrusive designs, you can get fans with built-in LEDs and night lights. With different mood lightening it makes having a bath at night a different experience.

Above that, they can add charm, comfort, and resale value to a home just with a few extra perks. And since they come in so many styles, types, and mounting locations, they can fit the plan you have for your home, rather than the other way around.

4. Bathroom Smart Scale

A bathroom scale is still an excellent bathroom accessory. Why? First, Amazon considered it one of its favoured products under the “bathroom” category. Making it one of the most purchased items on the store.

Daily weighing is emerging as the recommended self-weighing frequency for weight loss. This is likely because it improves the adoption of weight control behaviours.

According to a 2015 study, having bathroom scales at home can help people trying to lose weight keep track of their progress, which may contribute to a better outcome.

Since you and your family go into the bathroom daily, installing a scale there is a wise choice. Doing so will make you less likely to forget to check your body, weight, and other data.

5. Under Sink Water Filter

Let’s be honest, we are not always drinking water just from the kitchen sink. Yet rarely do we think about adding an under-sink water filter to our bathroom sink.

Under-sink water filter takes water from the under-sink cold water pipe and sends it to the plastic tube where the filter stays. Then, once the water is pure enough, the device uses its faucet to deliver the water to the user.

For that perfect cup of water, don’t only add a water filter to your kitchen. It’s easy to install and you will thank yourself for it later.

Enjoy your new bathroom!

There you have it, our recommendations for the best appliances in a newly renovated bathroom. If you learned something, we’re glad we could help. Good luck and enjoy your new bathroom!

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