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Our Laundry Renovations Can Help You:

Construction engineering or architect discussing a blueprint and building model while checking information on sketching meeting for architectural project in work site.

Make better use of Laundry space

Unique laundry design specific to your space and needs. Cabinetry, appliances and accessories in the right place with expert advice.


Increase Laundry Storage

Modern cabinetry allows maximization of laundry storage. We guide you on what options work best in your space and tailor them to your needs.

Modern white color washing machine under the countertop with a faucet and a silver sink, the washing area has white tiles and wall is a gray color. There are a couple of towels on a hanger and on a small white ladder. There are dark brown color floor tiles. Few ornamental plants in glass bottle near to the sink

Improve Laundry Room Appearance

Modern, simple, industrial, classic - celebrate the space with stylish and brilliant finishes aligned with clever storage and accessories.

Our Laundry Renovation Services

New Cabinets
Changes to plumbing and drainage
Wall removals and extensions
New basins

Why Choose DCON Group for your Laundry Renovation?

Licensed Builders

Trust us, we are your laundry renovations specialists. We have extensive experience delivering laundry makeovers and complying with NSW laws, licensing and regulations. DCON Group provides a start-to-finish project delivery of your laundry renovation complete with warranties and is fully insured, we handle all the details and comply fully with NSW standards.


Licensed plumbers and waterproofers

Laundry renovations in NSW not only require you to use a registered builder, they also require the builder to use licensed plumbers and waterproofers. The advantage to you is that licensed tradesmen provide compliant and effective work which isn't just functional and fit for the task, it will stand the test of time and be fully compliant with regulations.


Help with meeting strata/council requirements

We help you remove the anxiety and stress around strata-held properties and council requirements regarding laundry renovations in your apartment or home. Extensive experience in dealing with these bodies ensures we can deliver your laundry renovation with the utmost efficiency and compliance with specific rules in your area.


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Laundry Renovations for all types of properties

  • Free-standing homes

    The laundry of today is now a central hub of the home. Often tucked away and out of sight, older laundries lack function, design and modern appliances. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist you in revamping this essential space in your home. You deserve to spend more enjoyable moments doing the chores and enjoy functionality and beautiful finishes in your laundry.

  • Apartments

    That small space, galley, or hidden laundry can be transformed by our team of expert laundry renovation specialists. Modern storage design and execution is our specialty. Maximize your space and let us show you the opportunities available to achieve a functional, stylish and practical laundry renovation in your apartment.

  • Townhouses

    Making the smallest of spaces beautiful and practical, we have years of experience in how to maximize the usability and appearance of your new laundry renovation. Townhouses can provide their areas of complexity with storage and layouts, rest assured we have the insight and skills to execute your customized laundry renovation.

  • Commercial

    Not only assisting our residential customers, but we also service the commercial sector often providing tailored laundry solutions, with the end-user and environment the laundry is utilized kept at the forefront of design and delivery. Finishes, appliances, layout and safety are all of utmost importance.

10 years of building experience in Sydney to help you get the perfect bathroom for your home

About us

DCON Group is a family-owned business with over 10 years of experience in residential and commercial bathroom and laundry renovations. We are passionate about designing and delivering high-quality, functional laundry and bathroom renovations that our customers love.

We understand that every home is different and we take the time to get to know you, your style and your vision for the space before we begin.

Choose the best in the business for your Sydney Laundry Renovation

There are many things to consider when planning a laundry renovation in your Sydney home – from budget and timeline, to design and function. But with so many choices out there, how do you know who to trust?

We pride ourselves on being the experts in laundry renovations. We have years of experience renovating laundry rooms.

We also offer bathroom renovations as a service for the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Our Laundry Renovation workmanship and materials are guaranteed

When you choose us for your laundry renovation in Sydney, you can be confident that you're getting the best in the business. We only use high-quality materials and our workmanship is guaranteed.

We also offer a free consultation so that we can understand your vision for the space and provide you with a customized solution that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A laundry renovation is a process of updating and improving your laundry space to make it more functional, stylish and practical. This can involve anything from adding new storage and fixtures to installing new appliances and finishes or complete demolition and rebuild to suit your requirements.

We have the knowledge, expertise and vision to execute your custom laundry renovation. Our end-to-end service provides peace of mind that your laundry renovation ideas come to life on time and on budget.

The laundry renovation cost is recognised as a significant investment in your home. Let us maximise the potential of your laundry renovation project, adding much-needed storage space and providing the most value for your investment.

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