How Much Does a Commercial Bathroom Renovation Cost in Sydney?

commercial bathroom renovation cost sydney

Unlike residential bathrooms, commercial bathrooms must serve multiple users of a business or establishment without compromising on aesthetics, functionality, accessibility and privacy. Commercial properties include restaurants and bars, offices, retail spaces, hotels and motels, hospitals, childcare centres, aged care facilities, medical clinics, factories and warehouses.

Typical Commercial Bathroom Costs in Sydney
– Single bathroom with a sink and toilet typically starts at $15,000
– Cost for each additional stall typically starts at $3,000
– Each additional basin normally starts at $2,000

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As you can imagine, the cost of commercial bathroom renovations and builds varies wildly depending on the type of property, the builder, the inclusions, the size of the bathroom and so on. As a rough guide, a single bathroom with a sink and toilet typically costs at least $15,000, which accounts for retiling, lighting upgrades, hand drier, vanity and so on. Every additional stall usually costs an extra $3,000, which accounts for the toilet, partition, additional tiling (for the extra space) and lighting. Each additional basin will roughly cost at least an extra $2,000, which covers additional retiling and lighting as well.

This rough price guide should help you estimate a ballpark cost based on the configuration of your space. We’ll also further break down some costs during the planning, design and construction phase of commercial bathroom renovations in Sydney.

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Individual Costs in a Commercial Bathroom Renovations

Since commercial bathrooms have specific requirements, let’s take a look at some of the material costs involved. This does not include labour, design and installation.

Wall and Floor Tiles

Commercial tiles vary from residential tiles because they should have enough endurance to withstand high foot traffic and moisture. They should also be slip resistant to protect your business from liabilities. High-quality, commercial-grade stone and porcelain tiles cost $100 per square metre or higher.


Budget toilets start from $150 with more luxurious models costing about $750. Wall-mounted and floor-mounted designs may also have an impact on costs.


Framed wall mirrors start from $50 for standard sizes and can go higher for frameless or built-in light versions. Depending on your bathroom’s design, you can have individual mirrors per basin or a large mirror for the entire hand-washing area.


Basins start from $200 and can go up to $700 or more for higher-end models. If you want customised models to reflect your brand colours and aesthetics, you may be looking at $1,000 or higher per basin.


Taps start from $50 while more luxurious versions can cost around $500 or higher. There are several options available in different price ranges.


Commercial bathrooms typically need brighter lights with fixtures starting from $20. This will vary in cost based on the size and layout of your bathroom.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers start from $250 and can go up to $1,800 for more powerful versions with features like high-speed, anti-bacterial protection, HEPA filters and odour neutralisers.


Handrails for accessible toilets and shower areas start from $350 and can go up to $1,500 depending on what you need.

Guidelines for Commercial Bathroom Renovations  

A commercial bathroom should not only reflect the standard of your business but must also follow regulations in design and construction. This Code of Practice from Safe Work Australia outlines some important commercial bathroom guidelines –


There should be one toilet per 20 males and one toilet per 15 females in the workplace. Toilets should have adequate ventilation, lighting, privacy, emergency access, sanitary disposal facilities for female workers and more. In the cases of urinals, one is expected for every 25 males.

Hand Washing Basin

There should be at least one hand washing basin per 30 male or female workers. This ratio may change depending on the nature of work. For businesses involved in healthcare and food prep, there may be additional hand-washing legislations.

Shower Facilities

Certain jobs may require showering facilities. General guidelines dictate at least 1 shower cubicle for every 10 workers with separate facilities for men and women.  

Sanitary Compartments

The National Construction Code contains provisions to control how a door opens in a toilet or sanitary compartment since it should have a 1.2 metre space between the door swing and pan. If not, the door must open outwards or slide open.

What Commercial Bathroom Renovations Should you Consider?

commercial bathroom renovation cost sydney

A renovation is ideal for older commercial buildings where the bathroom may not be up to code. Bathrooms also tend to wear out fast, especially in high-traffic areas, so details like commercial plumbing, toilet seats, taps and other facilities need to be updated or renovated. The overall cost of a commercial bathroom upgrade or full-scale renovation varies depending on the scale of construction, including size, design, style and requirements.

Commercial Bathroom Makeovers

Assuming no major renovation and structural changes like re-tiling and plumbing are needed, a commercial bathroom makeover can be more cost-effective for some businesses. Some elements of a basic commercial bathroom makeover include:

  • Basin replacements
  • Replacing old taps
  • Replacing or installing mirrors
  • Re-painting areas (with existing paintwork)
  • Replacing old toilets and flushes

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commercial bathroom cost sydney

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Commercial bathroom renovations go well beyond pricing in order to get lasting results for years to come. As a bathroom renovations Sydney specialist, our team at DCON Group knows what it takes to achieve a high-quality commercial bathroom.

Regardless of the complexity of the renovation, we have the skill and experience to tailor our commercial bathroom renovation project to the specific needs of your business – whether you are simply looking to upgrade aesthetics or design a completely new space to keep up with the demands of your business today. Offering a complete suite of services including planning, design, execution and walkthroughs, our team works collaboratively with you to bring your vision to life.

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