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Commercial bathrooms in Sydney need to be functional and compliant with the building code of Australia. They should also meet the needs of employees, the public, and promote sanitation while creating a safe, comfortable space.

We help Sydney businesses, organisations and commercial property owners, small and large, to bathroom design Sydney, renovate and construct bathrooms to suit their premises. Our services include all aspects of commercial bathroom construction, from toilet and full-length basin construction to shower and change room facilities.

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Sydney Commercial Bathroom Construction Specialists

If you own a commercial building, or you're a business owner with an outdated bathroom the needs a fix up, you probably have a special set of needs to take into consideration. You might have a large number of people frequent your business, and need the design to match your company brand or building aesthetic. You also need to be sure that all building works are done to the Australian building code and council requirements. You need the right professional for this type of work. At DCON Group, we have over ten years of experience, are licensed and insured, and have a seven-year guarantee. Plus, we respect your budget and your timeline.

commercial bathroom renovations

Fully Insured & Licensed Bathroom Builders

We are fully-licensed and insured, so you have peace of mind knowing that you’re hiring experienced professionals.

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All Construction Work Guaranteed For 7 Years

Any professional who is confident in their work, supplies, and materials has some sort of guarantee. All of our materials and work has a seven year guarantee with every job.

commercial bathroom renovations

10 Years Of Building Experience

Hire professionals who love what they do and know what they’re doing. Ten years of experience means we can handle any challenge.

Why you need an expert for your Commercial Bathroom Construction

Commercial bathroom renovations require more than a deep cleaning and few do-it-yourself tasks for the local handyman. You need a professional who can guide the process, choose the right design elements, and ensure the highest quality work at all times.

Our ten years of professional experience means we have built relationships with our supply chain and to get you the highest quality products. We can troubleshoot challenges that are specific to commercial sites, and are familiar with council and building requirements to get the job done right the first time.

We respect your budget and timelines. We work fast and efficiently. And we know just how much renovations can interrupt the workplace, so we do our best to minimise disruption whenever possible.

Hire professional Sydney bathroom renovation specialists and rest easy knowing you’ve got someone who can guide the entire process from start-to-finish.

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DCON Group provides commercial bathroom renovation services to business across Sydney. We also understand that commercial bathroom renovations will help your employees and the public feel more comfortable with your business because a quality bathroom is one more detail that shows you are safe, sanitary, and have high standards.

Every business we serve receives our best work. From the initial consultation to the design, to implementation and construction, to the final inspection. Every project, business, and client deserves and receives our full attention.

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When should you update the bathrooms for your business?

Every company should comply with Work Health & Safety (WHS) standards and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). While there are some legal standards to take into consideration, there are some best practices.

Consider renovating your commercial bathroom when the building is over 20-years old. Because these are high traffic areas with constant cleaning, Bathrooms tend to be the areas of a building that degrade the fastest. More importantly, plumbing and other details should be examined and updated. Leaks from old bathrooms can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and down-time.

Even small bathrooms need upgrading for restaurants and shops if they're getting run-down to ensure your customers know that you maintain high standards.

If building occupancy increases, you may want to add toilets, sinks, soap dispensers, and more.

Contact us to design a commercial bathroom that will serve your employees, the public, and remain compliant.

Commercial Bathroom Design

It's important to consider the design at the beginning of any commercial bathroom renovation. The design phase is the best time to envision an outcome that meets your needs seamlessly. Here are some factors in a commercial bathroom design:


With a house bathroom design, the owner decides everything from colours to tiles to designs based on preferences and budget. Things are slightly different with a commercial bathroom design. A neutral design is the best option to cater to a wide range of customers and employees.


Commercial bathroom layouts must be sensible to make the best use of space. It should also be thoughtfully considered to handle additional traffic, so materials and elements should be able to withstand abuse regularly.

Water Use

The way water is used has become a huge concern – especially given the recent drought in NSW. Commercial bathrooms use up more water than residential bathrooms, but there is a growing need for better water efficiencies like timed taps.


Though commercial bathrooms don’t necessarily need showers and bathtubs, they need space for additional sinks and toilets. This also means more water pipes, more water pressure and more space needed.


A commercial bathroom may need to cater to people with disabilities, depending on the size. This would mean one toilet that can accommodate wheelchairs with handrails and ramps where needed. The NCC dictates at least one accessible unisex sanitary facility in common areas where sanitary facilities are provided.

When you factor all these considerations in, you clearly understand the complexities involved with bathroom renovations, which is why an experienced professional like DCON Group can make all the difference. We offer basic sketches and design in our quote, but our 3D renders are popular with commercial, restaurant and hotel venue clients since they produce a realistic view of the bathroom outcome before it is built.

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