How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take in Sydney?

how long does a bathroom renovation take

It’s always good to get a rough timeline before any bathroom renovation. So, how long does a bathroom renovation take in Sydney? In my experience, renovations can last from a few to several weeks depending on the size and scale of the project. Every bathroom is different, but we’ll break down each task to give you some estimated timeframes.

Factors that affect bathroom renovation duration

Achieving your dream bathroom isn’t an overnight venture. It takes thorough research and planning to make sure everything goes smoothly – from design to construction to completion. For first-timers, it’s hard to envision how long a bathroom renovation takes, which is why I want to help you better understand renovation timelines. Since every bathroom is unique, plenty of factors can be involved –

  • Size and layout of your bathroom
  • Structural changes like demolition and re-builds
  • Complexity of work
  • Timeline to source materials
  • Unforeseen issues like broken pipes, hidden leaks
  • Full or partial renovation
  • Major changes like tiling and plumbing
  • Sourcing special materials like heated flooring, custom-built vanities, and premium tiling for luxury bathroom renovations

Working with a bathroom renovations specialist that represents your personal style and aligns with your vision can make the whole experience exciting, fun, and most importantly, seamless. You also want someone who can give you honest and candid advice to help you achieve the best possible outcome within your budget. At DCON Group, we wouldn’t do it any other way!

Breakdown of Bathroom Renovation Tasks and Timelines  

how long does a bathroom renovation take

How long does it take to install a new bathroom? To give you context, small bathroom makeovers with no plumbing repositioning and tiling can take 1 to 2 weeks once the materials are delivered. Standard bathroom renovations with no tiling and plumbing can take 4 to 6 weeks. Bigger structural and luxury renovations can extend to 8 weeks (or more) depending on permits, materials, and issues like hidden leaks and asbestos. These are just estimates since the actual renovation depends on your situation. This breakdown should give you an idea of timeframes for bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Pre-Planning Phase

Understanding and designing your project (1 week to 3 weeks)  

Simple as it sounds, this is one of the most crucial phases in a bathroom renovation because you and your contractor need to understand what you want to achieve. Consider these –

We renovate bathrooms big and small with prices starting at $20,000.

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Call now for a personalised quote

  • Do you need to change the tiling and reposition the plumbing?
  • What look and feel do you want? Luxury, budget, or something in between?
  • Do you want to start from a blank canvas or just refresh a few elements?
  • What is your budget? It’s vital to consider the costs of a bathroom renovation.

My first (and most important) task is to sit down with you to personally understand your vision. This allows us to take your ideas to the drawing board so we can design and conceptualise the look and feel with ‘you’ in mind – giving you the flexibility to see what your bathroom will look like and making an allowance for modifications before anything starts.

Obtaining permits (1 to 4 weeks)

Depending on your project scope, you may need council approvals. For apartments, you’ll also need to consider the rules for renovating under strata. Permits and approvals range in time, especially if planning a major bathroom renovation. We make sure all the paperwork is in order based on specific requirements to minimise delays.  

Sourcing materials (1 to 2 weeks)

Once the design aesthetic is signed off, ordering the materials is next. It’s good to get this done quickly because some items like bathtubs may have longer lead times, which can hold up the project. Now, would also be a good time to let your neighbours know about the renovation. It’s the good neighbourly thing to do!

Construction Phase

Demolition (If needed – 1 to 2 days)

If you’re undergoing a major bathroom renovation, then demolition is likely part of the process. This generally just takes a day or two.

Redoing Plumbing and Electricals (If needed – 1 to 4 days)

Once your custom bathroom is stripped to its bones, redoing plumbing and electricals can take 1 to 4 days if everything goes well. However, there may be a delay in case of any unpredicted issues like frayed wiring or leaking pipes.

Waterproofing and Installing Floor and Wall Tiles (If needed – 1 week)

Depending on the size and layout of your bathroom, the process of waterproofing and installing tiles takes up to a week. Once the membrane is waterproofed, it is left to cure before the floor and wall tiles are installed. The whole process lasts for about one week. If you need to get your tiles re-surfaced or polished, this usually takes a day.

Fittings and fixtures (1 to 3 days)

Piecing the fittings and fixtures together is exciting because you start to see your design springing to life. Once everything is dry, your bathtubs, showers, basins, toilets, lights, shelves and shower screens will be installed. Glass fixtures like mirrors and shower doors are usually always fitted at the end to reduce the risk of damage and cracks.

Post Construction Phase

Cleaning up (1 day)

It takes about one day to do a post-renovation bathroom clean up depending on the scope.

Post Construction Walk Through (30 mins)

This is your time to walk through the space and make sure you are happy with everything. I always recommend you test everything yourself and if something needs a tweak or fix, we’re always happy to help!

Work With Experienced Sydney Bathroom Renovations Specialists

Too often, we’ve seen homeowners swayed by the lure of ‘cheap quotes’ or ‘DIY videos’ – only to end up with a poor-quality job or a project that prolongs far beyond the initial projection. Breaking down a load-bearing wall; damaging an internal pipe; incorrect electrical wiring – so many things could go wrong!

Construction oversights, cutting corners, and inaccurate timeline predictions can have a catastrophic impact on your plans and budget, which is why it’s so important to work with experienced specialists like DCON Group who understand the intricacies and issues of a bathroom renovation. As highly trained professionals, we follow specific protocols to streamline the entire renovation process from start to finish.

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat so we can help you evaluate your needs and establish how long a bathroom renovation takes in your Sydney home. Get it right the first time when you choose DCON Group!

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