How To Renovate a Bathroom in 5 Steps

How to renovate your bathroom

So, are you thinking it’s time to upgrade your home, and wondering how to renovate a bathroom? Awesome! Renovating your home is challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding once you’ve completed it and get to enjoy your sparkling new shower and a fresh coat of paint.

Whether you are planning a complete renovation or just remodelling a small part of your bathroom, it’s important to understand that this operation is a step-by-step process that needs to be completed carefully. Below, you’ll find the 5 most important steps you need to take renovate a bathroom.

1. Decide on your Bathroom’s Design

The first step is to plan how your bathroom will look after you’ve finished the renovation. You need to keep in mind several aspects, including:

  • What colours you want to incorporate
  • The kind of tiles you’d want
  • The fittings and fixtures
  • Lighting
  • The kind of cabinets to install
  • Carpentry work
  • Placement of the windows, etc.

Make a selection after carefully examining how much space you have for your new bathroom. Also, ask yourself how much time, energy and money you’d like to invest during the process?

2. Hire a Bathroom Renovator (Or DIY)

Once you’ve picked a design, you can contact a bathroom renovation company to get their quotes. You can choose to adopt a more DIY approach as well. But if this is the first time you are doing this, or if the design which you’ve picked is not a simple one, it might be better to hire a professional. Hiring an expert is also recommended since bathroom renovations involve getting approval from your local council (see planning requirements for home renovations). A specialist will help you on every stage of the process, be it designing, budgeting or acquiring all the permissions, ensuring a smoother renovation that goes according to plan.

3. Purchase the Products & Materials for your Bathroom

Next, you need to prepare a list of all the products you’d need for the renovation project. This could include – tiles, mirrors, vanity basin, fittings, toilet seat, lighting equipment, electronics, shower screens, etc.

How to renovate a bathroom
A contemporary bathroom design complete with all the cabinetry, lighting and accessories

Once the list is ready, it’s recommended to purchase everything beforehand. This will allow your tradies to work in a more efficient manner since they will be able to allocate space for everything more precisely. Also, in case a product is out of stock, you can arrange it from somewhere else.

4. Hire People for the Renovation

If you’re choosing the DIY route, it’s time to hire the people you’ll need for the job. You might consider getting quotes from –

  • A builder – for structural changes
  • A carpenter
  • An electrician
  • A plumber

Besides these tradies, you can also hire a cabinet maker, a waterproofing expert, and a painter. But of course, if you hire a professional renovator, you won’t have to go through all this trouble of hiring everyone individually. The bathroom renovation specialist will take care of everything for you.

5. Start Construction of your new Bathroom

Once you have made all the arrangements in terms of raw materials and manpower, it’s time for the real work to begin. Usually, it takes around 20-30 days to renovate a bathroom, but depending on how complex your design is, it could even take up to 60 days. First, the builder will strip down the old bathroom to make the structural changes. Then, the plumber would fix the drainage system with all the pipes and sanitary fittings. Putting the tiles in place takes another 2-3 days and you’d also need to call the waterproofing expert at this stage. The process of waterproofing can take 4-6 days.

Next, comes the carpenter and the electrician. If your design has floor-to-ceiling tiles, you’d need to paint the ceiling before starting the tiling process. Then, you can put all the cabinets and bathroom accessories including the mirrors, shower screens, and the lighting setup.


Following the process above can help you renovate a bathroom more easily and help you stick to your budget. Bathroom renovations can cost you a lot more than what you would’ve initially anticipated without the correct planning and preparation at the start. Remember, you always have the option of hiring a professional bathroom designer and/or renovation company instead of managing everything yourself. A bathroom makeover expert could complete the project at a much faster pace and less stress on your part.

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