Gymea Bay Bathroom Renovation Project

Bathroom Renovations Sutherland Shire

Initial Client Brief

Our client, Peter, from Gymea Bay in the Sutherland Shire, wanted to convert one of the bedrooms in his home into an extended kitchen and a new ensuite to add more functionality and accommodate the growing needs of family members more easily. 

Design and Construction

This bathroom renovation was a big job that required careful planning from the outset. To begin with, structural alterations and changes to the layout were necessary so that new walls could be installed to separate the new bathroom and extended kitchen spaces. In addition, new plumbing and drainpipes were required for the shower, basins and kitchen.

The DCON Group team considered the existing layout, plumbing and drainpipe locations to craft a new bathroom design that was practical, stylish and most importantly, seamlessly functional. The main goal was to maximise the existing space and cleverly utilise every corner so there was no wasted area.

The decision to use neutral extra-large floor-to-ceiling cream tiles created the perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and visual continuity that made the bathroom look more spacious and appealing. A corner shower area and floating vanity also made the bathroom appear bigger than it actually was while premium outlets and switches crafted a luxurious, resort-like feel.

The Final Result

Thanks to the expertise of the DCON Group team, the bathroom renovation project was finished within the estimated timeframe of approximately one month given the size of the job and new plumbing. Every aspect was meticulously planned and implemented – keeping in mind the budget and specific needs of the client. The owner was thrilled with the results as we were able to easily create two crucial living spaces without any major hiccups or interruptions.

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