5 Popular Bathroom Designs to Consider for your Renovation

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Your bathroom is the ideal place to unwind, whether it’s elaborated with luxe finishes; influenced by tranquil textures; or draped in vintage beauty. For your bathroom design plan, consider everything from layout to lighting to storage. Use these popular design ideas to inspire your own bathroom renovation Sydney – from an average space into a visual masterpiece.   

Whether you live in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner West or North Shore, here are some of the top bathroom design trends:

1. Luxurious Leisure

When you think of grand luxury, you know there’s painstaking attention to detail in almost every element. Homeowners today are taking inspiration from television shows, magazines, the Internet, and even boutique hotels to transform their bathrooms into luxurious retreats.

 PHOTO CREDIT: Ray White, Upper North Shore

Just take a look at this opulent Pymble bathroom with its double sink and freestanding bath sitting luxuriously under a stylish pendant light designed to draw the eye upward and elongate the space. The resplendent minimalist design not only creates brightness but also adds to the exquisite opulence of the space. The grey tiles extending from floor to ceiling create a homogenous finish that ties the entire bathroom together.

Punctuated with plush finishes, expansively opulent, and embellished with smooth shapes that flow seamlessly into the décor, a luxury bathroom renovation is the perfect statement piece and conversation starter for any home. Can you picture the idea of a rain or cascade shower falling whimsically into your bathtub? What about gold-trimmed, floor-to-ceiling mirrors embedded into a plush marble wall? Could you transform your bathroom into a spa-like experience with pebbled floors, tranquil-inspired curtains, and tropical plants? Exquisite attention to detail will give your bathroom the perfect blend of beautiful functionality and luxurious charm.

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2. Contemporary

Contemporary bathroom designs allow you to think out of the box with fresh trends, abundant textures, different patterns, and stylish accessories that are a feast for the eyes.

PHOTO CREDIT: PPD Real Estate, Woollahra

This beachside bathroom renovation in Bondi has a contemporary design that really stands out with its monochromatic colour palette and Italian Terrazzo flooring. The oversized mirror and frameless shower screen create the illusion of a larger space with visual continuity. The upscale fittings polish off the look – giving this bathroom the couture treatment it deserves.

From brightening up the space with chic mirrors to hip timber accents to sleek freestanding bathtubs to walk-in showers to large-format floor-to-ceiling tiles to natural skylights, a contemporary bathroom design beautifully blends on-trend features with visual appeal and smart function. Contemporary means different things to different people, but the ultimate visual is a tasteful, well-adorned space balanced perfectly with modern lifestyle conveniences today, and is a great choice for bathroom designs in Sydney.

3. Vintage Wonderland

Vintage bathroom design never goes out of style thanks to its classic charm and retro nostalgia that easily withstands the test of time.

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Eastern Suburbs Bathroom Renovations

This vintage gem’s retro bathtub and small herringbone tile pattern take you back to the life of decades gone by – bringing you back home with modern-day conveniences and pretty fixtures that make the space welcoming and warm. We could design plenty of beautiful refurbishments for this one, but we love its classic simplicity in style and design. Sometimes less really is more!

This sophisticated bathroom design incorporates stunning elements like pedestal sinks, claw-foot tubs, ceramic-handle taps, wall-mounted sinks, vintage lighting, grand mirrors, dark accent colours, and subway tiles – bringing the timeless appeal of past decades to life. When you use your creativity, you don’t need an abundance of elements to design a traditional vintage bathroom. If you need a full reno, vintage-inspired features not only take you back in time but also create a visually exquisite retreat – making a bold statement in your home.

4. Beach-Style Splendour

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A beach-style bathroom design incorporates elements of the sun, sand, and surf to help you establish the look and feel of a coastal oasis in the comfort of your own home in Sydney.

PHOTO CREDIT: Biller Property, Double Bay

The monochromatic finish of this bathroom in a beautiful Rose Bay property drums up imageries of a beach-style paradise with its sand-coloured floors and walls, wall-hanging toilet and sink, and mirrored cabinets – not only replicating the look of sandy shores but also creating the illusion of space in this chic oasis.

Now that you have those feel-good beach vibes on your mind, you can bring it to life with a beautiful coastal colour palette and design. Bamboo shades, tranquil outdoor-inspired tones, white cabinets, ocean-blue mosaic walls, marble benchtops, sunroofs, pebbled showers and sand-coloured floors can all be combined with practical function give you the best of the coast in the comfort of your home.

5. Art Deco

An Art Deco bathroom design conjures up visions of the glamorous 1920s with its attractive shapes, symmetrical patterns and decadent colours.

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PHOTO CREDIT: MyPlace Estate Agents, Zetland

This spectacular bathroom in Botany is the perfect representation of an eye-catching Art Deco design blended beautifully with the conveniences of today’s world. The charming black and white flooring have been exquisitely embellished with a luxurious freestanding bathtub and double basin, while the huge mirrored vanity not only offers excellent storage but also infuses the illusion of space into the room.

Ornate mirrors, marble benchtops, black and white tiles, vintage pendant lights, steel-framed windows, traditional baths, sparkling wallpaper – each element designed to unveil a charming, heritage-styled aesthetic. Getting the balance of these bold elements right is key to a stunning Art Deco design. Marble was a popular material choice in the Art Deco era for its luxurious elegance and ability to transform the look of your bathroom instantly. If you’re looking for flamboyance, swap out white marble for dramatic black marble tones and shoot up the glam factor. With an art deco bathroom design, you can do as much or as little as you want. 

Don’t just rip out your bathroom without thinking it through. It’s a pretty permanent decision so it’s important to consider what you want and how much a bathroom renovation could cost. A good way to get ahead with your planning is to work with a professional like DCON Group who can help you bring your bathroom vision to life. If you’ve got a style in mind and want to chat to one of our team to find out what you can do with your bathroom, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to speak to you and provide an in-home quote.

DISCLAIMER: The illustrated bathrooms have been listed on realestate.com.au and are not part of DCON Group’s projects.

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