Bexley Bathroom Renovation Project

Bexley Bathroom Renovation

Initial Client Brief

Our Client, Geoff owns an investment property in Bexley. Unfortunately, the outdated bathroom was not only enough to make anyone grimace but also limited his rent potential. Geoff decided it was time to modernise the bathroom to create a fresh new look, which had the potential to increase his rental yield.

Design and Construction

After understanding Geoff’s vision, one of the challenges in the design process was to make better use of corners that were previously under utilised. We channelled our expertise into conceptualising a modern bathroom design that met the brief in style and functionality, especially maximising the use of the corner spaces. Once the design was approved, we started planning and construction. This included installing a brand new bath, new taps, a compact vanity, and floor-to-ceiling tiles that infused a brighter, more contemporary look to the bathroom space. The enhanced aesthetics created an instant visual uplift that will retain its appeal to tenants for years to come.

The Final Result

DCON Group made a huge impact from the start. By taking the time to listen to his plans and frustrations we were able to understand why he needed to update the bathroom and what he wanted to achieve from it. After taking this back to the drawing board, we came back with a design that Geoff instantly loved. From the beginning, DCON Group was always focussed on what Geoff wanted. It wouldn’t have worked any other way!

DCON Group made the whole bathroom renovation process easy with plenty of attention to details and aesthetics. Geoff was able to rent out his property quickly and for more money, making the process worthwhile working with professionals like DCON Group who understand every aspect of a bathroom renovation.

If you are looking for a bathroom renovations expert in Bexley and surrounding areas, contact the team at DCON Group.

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- Mohammed
Owner, Licensed Builder

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